terms of service

The desire of the Speech team is that you will be satisfied with the subscription you purchased and recommend us to your friends. A good deal is when both parties understand each other, so it is important that you read this short document. We are fair people and hope you will also be fair with us.

The terms of service are written in the masculine language for convenience only, but are intended for both women and men

1. Registration to the website

The registration to the englive.co.il website and the right to use the services offered by it are conditional on receiving a personal account and a personal password through which the user can use the services.

Each user is personally and solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account information and password.

2. Personal use

Each user acquires the services offered on the website and the right to use the contents included in it personally only, for his private purposes.

Accordingly, the user’s password is personal and will not be transferred by him to any third party.

A user who violates this provision harms and/or causes damage to the site and its operators is subject to the sanctions applicable to the site and its operators according to law.

Since the system adjusts the level of the lessons to each student individually, the use of more than one student in the same subscription will result in a discrepancy between the level of the lessons and the true level of the student. Therefore, the use of more than one student in the same subscription will not allow effective learning for any of the students and such use will harm learning.

3. The contents on the website and their protection

The Speech.org.il and englive.co.il website contains comprehensive educational material including images, texts, connectivity, illustrations, graphics, sound files, video files, animation videos, etc. (hereinafter “the content”) that are owned by the website and/or its operators and are all protected According to copyright laws.

Each user may use the contents for personal study purposes only.

Therefore, the user will be allowed to use the content only in accordance with the terms of use / terms of service above and subject to the provisions of any law.

The user undertakes not to damage and/or make a change and/or distort the contents, as well as to refrain from performing any action that has or may have the effect of reducing the value of the contents or harming the honor or name of the owner of the copyright therein.

The user undertakes not to copy, record, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, use, or allow others, either directly or indirectly, to perform any of the actions listed above.

In particular, a user will not do any of the above through another website, electronic publication, print publication, etc., for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.

For the avoidance of doubt, Speech.org.il does not represent or speak for Speech.org.il Worldwide.

4. Full disclosure, liability and cancellation policy

  1. It is possible to cancel and receive the payment you paid back with a deduction of NIS 100, provided that you have not opened a password or received the contents of the English learning framework on the website and also provided that you have not been exposed to the contents or part of the contents taught on the website.
  2. There is no possibility of a refund if the student opened a password and watched some of the content and/or was exposed to the materials and/or after 14 days from the date of purchase. Because then he is considered the one who opened the package, and therefore the transaction cannot be canceled.
  3. If you wish to retain the right to cancel a transaction, do not register and do not receive a password that allows you to view the contents being taught, because the law states that: “A course that can be reproduced and/or duplicated and/or copied cannot be canceled and cannot be returned to its owner in its entirety.”
  1. Our English study framework is one of the courses that the law states are a course that can be reproduced, duplicated or photocopied.
  2. Responsibility for the results: Achiv Israel is committed to the student’s progress according to the European Language Evaluation Index (CEFR) – to raise the student from pre-A1 to A1 in 40 hours, from A1 to A2 in 80 hours, from A2 to B1 in 80 hours, from B1 to B2 in 180 hours, from B2 For C1 in 180 hours and for C1 in C2 in 216 hours. These are net learning hours. If the student did not achieve the progress within the aforementioned working hours, our company undertakes to continue to provide access to the system and group and private lessons without limitation and at no additional cost until the desired progress is achieved.
  3. Responsibility for results for Amir/Amiram students: Achiv Israel undertakes that the student will save at least one academic English course with the help of our preparation track. If the student does not save at least one course, the student will receive a two-month course in Speech system for free if he wants to take the Amir or Amiram test one more time.

5. Use of the user’s private information

Speech will be entitled to make any use of the information required for the purpose of providing the services requested by you. Information transferred to Speech.org.il is considered as having been transferred to Speech.org.il.

Speech will be entitled to allow access to the information in the databases and/or transfer the information to any third party according to the type of services as mentioned and/or for the purpose of operating, developing and improving the website and the services on the website, only after the express consent of the user.

If the user gives his consent, Speech will be entitled to use the information in order to contact you by any of the means and/or contact details provided by you on the website, including by way of direct mail and direct mail services in order to offer you any service and/or product and/or Additional information that Speech deems appropriate and/or of interest to you in accordance with the segmentation of the information it has about you and/or any service and/or product and/or other information in accordance with its discretion.

6. Restriction or prevention of access to the website

The website and its operators reserve the right to terminate and/or refuse to grant access, at any time, and for any reason, to the Speech.org.il website and/or parts of it, at their sole discretion and without any prior notice.

A user who purchased services that were not provided to him in the aforementioned case will forfeit his money.

7. Service provision

In order to guarantee the service purchased on the site, and in order to assure you, the purchasers of the service, that there is someone behind the site, the site and its operators undertake that with every purchase of services you make, you will receive the service purchased and alternatively, if the service is not provided in full, you will be given a refund for the full value of the service that is not You can.

All packages, regardless of length, include:

A. Personal support of a teacher: something unclear? You can chat with the teacher on WhatsApp. Need personal attention? You can schedule a Skype meeting or call. The teacher is available to you Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

B. Unlimited practice with videos, texts and computer games adapted to your level and interests.

third. A study system adapted to your needs – business English, spoken English, for the high-tech world… we have dozens of different courses! Some of them appear here (add link).

d. Face-to-face lessons are available to you at all hours of the day, night, on the weekend and from any device. The subjects of the lessons are adapted to your needs, there are 4 students on average and they are led by a certified native English speaking teacher. Classes are attended by a maximum of 10 students, but it is also possible that you will study with only one other student. Each package includes 22 lessons per month. Lesson length: half an hour.

Watch a video about the system

What does the package not include?

private lessons:

Would you like longer private lessons than the conversations with your personal teacher? Interested in having a conversation in English with a teacher while traveling or while you wait in line? Do you have a presentation or a job interview in English and want to prepare? Private lessons can be purchased. This option is open only to those ordering a package.

The conversations with your personal teacher are not private lessons . If you encountered difficulty and questions arose related to the practice, the teacher’s role is to answer them and explain to you until the issue becomes clear. At the same time, it is important to understand that the purpose of these conversations (whether on WhatsApp, phone or email) is to support and answer questions related to practice in the Speech system. The role of the teacher is to direct you to the relevant sources and not to teach new topics. In all packages you receive unlimited accompaniment and support from your personal teacher, in addition to lessons in small groups with a teacher.

8. Communication

The communication between the student and/or his parents and the Speech team is mainly based on e-mail correspondence – office@achieve.co.il . To enable effective communication, you must respond to e-mails sent to you within 5 days at most.

9. Security and privacy

Your privacy is important to us. Every purchase of services on the website is made securely.

The information you give us is secured with an encrypted protocol that does not allow other users to view the details you give us.

The information provided to us by you is stored on the computers of the site operators or on their behalf in a secure and encrypted manner.

10. Links to other websites

The Speech website and Speech.org.il may include links (“links”) to websites of various third parties.

Speech provides these links solely for the purposes of enrichment, deepening and convenience of the users.

These sites are not under the control of Speech, and Speech is not and will not be responsible for the content on these linked sites.

The appearance of a link to a third-party website on the Speech website does not constitute approval and/or consent to the content of the website and/or the reliability of the information contained therein, and the appearance of the link on the website does not indicate Speech relationship with the linked website and/or its owner and/or its sponsor and/or for any information and/or product and/or service provided and/or offered on the linked site.

11. Additional terms

Speech may change these terms of use from time to time without prior notice.

Speech will publish the new terms on the website and their entry into force will be the date of their first publication.

It is hereby clarified that only what is stated in this agreement will bind Speech.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any matter and dispute regarding the services on the site, will be the court of competent jurisdiction in Tiberias, which will be judged in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.

  1. The private teacher

You can cancel a private lesson up to 12 hours before the lesson time. If you scheduled a class and did not attend, the class will be considered a completed class.

Your personal teacher is available to you on Sunday – Thursday from 0830 to 1900. Would you like to chat on Fridays, before 0830 in the morning or after 1900 in the evening? This can be done in coordination with the teacher. We observe Shabbat, so in any case it is not possible to communicate with us on Shabbat. Any questions or problems, including technical problems, should be directed to the teacher. 

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